Three Myths About Hormone Replacement During Menopause

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If you are approaching menopause, you are facing a big question: should you try hormone replacement therapy? Some women embrace hormone therapy as a way to keep their emotions and health more stable during this time of transition. Others steer away from this approach, sometimes because they have heard negative myths about hormone replacement.

It is true that hormone replacement is not right for everyone, and there is a chance it is not right for you. However, if you decide against hormone replacement during menopause, it needs to be because of facts -- not because of these false myths.

Myth #1: Hormone replacement therapy is not healthy because synthetic hormones are used.

This may have been the case at some point in the past, but it is not true today. Labs today make bioidentical hormones for women to use during menopause. In other words, these hormones are manufactured -- but they are made to exactly mimic the hormones your body naturally makes. Your body will not be able to tell the difference between the hormone supplements you take and the hormones your glands make naturally. So all of those worries that you're putting something artificial or plastic-like in your body can be swept aside!

Myth #2: Hormone replacement therapy is cheating.

Some people feel that going through menopause is an essential part of the experience of being female, and that if you take hormone replacement therapy to avoid the unwanted side effects, you are somehow cheating. This rationale is a little silly if you think about it. Headaches are part of being human, but you take pain relievers to get rid of them, don't you? Hormone replacement therapy during menopause is really no different. The hormones will take care of hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness to make you more comfortable. You'll still be you -- just a more comfortable, happy version of you.

Myth #3: Hormone replacement therapy is not safe.

Hormone replacement therapy has been used for decades, and there have been many studies related to its safety. During this time, many advancements have been made to increase the safety of the hormones. There are patients who should not take hormone replacement therapy, but if you are one of them, your doctor will not prescribe the hormones. Your doctor is an expert, and if he or she tells you hormone replacement is safe for you, then you can be confident in that decision. Contact a clinic, like Bayview OB GYN Women's Care Florida, for more help.

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