Signs Your Reproductive Health Needs the Attention of a Gynecologist

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Reproductive health is one of the biggest wellness concerns for women. It is recommended that you should have a checkup of your reproductive system at least once a year. In fact, you should always have a gynecologist you can consult whenever you develop a reproductive health problem. Getting reproductive health information online might seem a convenient way to deal with reproductive health issues, but it may not help you get to the cause. Seeing a gynecologist is more effective because it helps you get the right treatment, depending on the symptoms you show. As such, it is advisable to consult with a trained gynecologist whenever you notice something out of the ordinary with your reproductive system. 

Here are three of the most common signs that you need to see a reproductive health expert. 

When You Are Experiencing Irregular and Missed Periods

One of the basic reasons for a missed period is pregnancy. However, missing a period is a problem if you haven't had unprotected sex or you took precautions and are sure you haven't conceived. Missed periods can be due to something simple such as stress, but they can also indicate that you have a serious underlying condition such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. 

You can only know the actual reason for the missed period after visiting a competent gynecologist. They will perform the necessary basic and imaging test, and give you the right diagnosis and treatment. Also, depending on your age, missed periods could signal the onset of menopause.

Unusual Discharge from the Genitals

Regular vaginal discharge is colorless and does not have a strong smell. Regular discharge is an indication that you have the right pH balance and that the organ is cleaning itself as it should. However, if the discharge becomes thick, changes color, or has an increase in smell, you have a problem that a gynecologist should address. For example, a smelly thick discharge with the texture of cottage cheese signals that you have a yeast infection.

Other common causes for changes in the characteristics of the vaginal discharge include bacterial vaginitis and UTIs. The reproductive health expert takes samples of the discharge and gets it tested in a lab before recommending the treatment.

Pain in the Pelvis and Abdominal Discomfort

Pelvic pain is another indicator that you might have a reproductive health problem. It is normal to experience period cramps during menstruation. However, if it persists throughout the month, get checked for problems such as endometriosis. You could also have fibroids of non-cancerous tumors, which you will only know about after a gynecological diagnosis.

Maintaining your reproductive health in perfect shape shouldn't be difficult. Just ensure you visit a competent gynecologist as soon as you realize you have signs of reproductive health complications. Go for an early diagnosis to increase your chances of a fast recovery. For more information, contact a gynecologist

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